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Dartsmate Match Electronic Darts Scorer

Dartsmate Match Electronic Darts Scorer
Dartsmate Match Electronic Darts Scorer Dartsmate Match Electronic Darts Scorer Dartsmate Match Electronic Darts Scorer
Brand: KeyGlory
Product Code: Dartsmate Match
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Brand new to the market this scorer finally makes playing league matches practical. Great to play against friends, it even has a 'handicap' feature in case you are a far better player than your challenger!! 
Not only that, you can also play against the computer, pick your skill level (1-8) and off you go. The optional use checkout feature generates a possible finish route if there is one available (As displayed in the pic. eg, Double 20 - Double 20 - Bull ) and can be toggled on/off using the red 'Checkout' button near the top of the machine. The Grey up and down buttons allow you to scroll through the last 75 scores for both players.
In the above video two quick legs are played both with 9 dart finishes, first for the home (left) player and in the second game the away player 'wins'.
In the first game you can see the checkout calculation feature being turned on and off. You can see in the video for a 141 finish it suggests 'Treble 20', 'Treble 15' and 'Double 18'. 
At the end of each game you are prompted to enter the number dart you finished on ('no drt'), this is either your 1st, 2nd or 3rd dart. This is required so the averages are accurate and once entered, by pressing the average key it will display both players '1 dart' match average, '3 dart' match average, largest checkout in the match and how many darts used to finish the last leg.
This is by far the best darts scorer ever made, you will not be disappointed with it features or looks, it just blows the compition away!!!
League approved darts scorer.
Play all games 101 - 1001.
Displays for Score, Total, Legs, Sets and possible checkout route.
Delete the last incorrect score entered.
Records the overall match per dart and per throw averages.
Records the number of darts thrown in the last leg for each player.
Records the highest achieved checkout for each player during a match.
Records the overall match per dart and per throw averages for the first nine darts thrown.
Invalid scores/checkouts are rejected.
Add your score dart by dart.
Set and store a handicap.
Recall up to 75 previous scores stored in the memory with the scroll up/down switches.
Practice mode generates random checkouts.
Play against computer.
Play the computer, 8 skill levels.
Random number selector.
Select numbers between 1 - 999.
Selectable start and finish numbers.
Memory stores 75 selected numbers.
Recall selected numbers.
Dimensions (H/W/D): 360mm. / 270mm. / 30mm.
Display sizes: 20.8 mm. / 14mm.
Weight: 1270 grammes.
Power Supply: 5V 1200mA d.c. Regulated.
The correct power supply for your country is also included.
This product is guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase against faulty parts or workmanship.
Designed and built in the U.K.


Can Be Used On Batteries No
Seperate Central Display For The 'Dart By Dart Add' Feature No
Shows Previous 5 Scores In Current Game (Leg) Yes. Plus scroll through the last 75 Scores.
Play Against The Computer Feature Yes
Generates Checkout Route If Score Is 170 Or Below Yes (Can Be Deactivated If Not Required)

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